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A query language focuses on expressing criteria for the selection of a subset of structured data.

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Query Languages  edit

COST, by Joe English
A structure-controlled SGML application programming tool that includes a query language for navigating the document tree and extracting ESIS information.
Information System Base Language (ISBL)
A language, more algebraic than SQL, for querying relational data.
a first-class language construct in C# and Visual Basic that can be used for querying relational data, XML documents, ADO.NET datasets, and various .NET container types
a query language for Emdros, a proprietary database engine for analyzed or annotated text.
the de-facto standard for querying relational data
a Cost-like Tree editing and query language
UnQL, by D. Richard Hipp
A query language for collections of documents.
an XML language for querying sets of documents.
a language for addressing parts of an XML document. It is a component of [XQuery].
ycl eav
A Tcl domain-specific language providing a set of operators over an entity-attribute-value dataset, including an operator to traverse a logical hierarchy in the data. Currently implemented using sqlite.

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lquery, by Richard Suchenwirth
an interface for querying lists
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