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An icon is a graphical image used within a GUI as a compact form of communication, often about an action that may be taken by selecting the icon.

See Also  edit

tcllib ico
Steve Havelka's Iconizer
Add icons to your apps quickly and easily with Steve's Iconizer tool.
supports toolbars with icons very nicely
ICONS, by Adrian Davis
includes an excellent collection of beautiful icons, complete with the supporting software to integrate them into your Tk application
Nuvola, by David Vignoni
a free set of icons licensed under the LGPL
Tklib ico package
icon-related capabilities for Tk
a library of public-domain icons (and a GPL naming tool) following the freedesktop.org conventions. Proposed for adoption into Fossil in this mailing list thread. No Tk convenience wrapper yet, but easy to wrap in an ICONS library

Disambiguation  edit

Icon Programming Language