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ksh, by David Korn, is a Unix Shell in the Bourne Shell family. Versions of ksh are available for various Linux and Unix systems and also for Microsoft Windows. kornshell.com links to ksh project, but the source code is actually available in the ast project.

Description  edit

David Korn has spent a number of years writing UWIN UWIN, a set of Unix like utilities that run on Windows (a concept similar to Cygwin, MKS Toolkit, etc.).

In David Korn Tells All, 2001-02-07, David Korn states that ksh93 should be compared to Tcl, in the sense that it is implemented as a reusable library with a C language API, and points to dtksh and tksh as an example of the embedability/extensibility of ksh93. In Playing the MacOS Shell Game, Cameron Laird argues in favour of ksh over tcsh.

ksh93 aims for compatibility with the Shell Language Standard part of POSIX, and can therefore be used as a Bourne Shell replacement.

Some of the overlap between Ksh and Tcl can be seen in these packages:
 What: tkhistory
 Where: ftp://ftp.procplace.com/pub/tcl/sorted/packages-7.6/misc/tkhistory-2/tkhistory-2.tar.Z
 Description: A Tk 3.6 script that visually keeps track of the
        command history for csh, tcsh, and ksh.
 Updated: 11/2002
 Contact: mailto:[email protected] (Rick McClanahan)

See Also  edit

tksh, by Jeffrey Korn
an implementation of the Tcl C library written on top of ksh93.