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HJG - I have been using Tcl and Expect since the last millenium, but I also use quite a selection of other languages, e.g. Awk, bash, C/C++, Lua, Perl, Python. If paid well enough, I might also consider working with strange old beasts, like BASIC, COBOL, Fortran, PL/1 :-)

My Tcl/Tk-programs on this wiki edit

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Wiki-gnoming edit

Listing only some of the more interesting and/or useful pages here:

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Test edit

  • [Graffiti] - a page for testing

Demos & Placeholders edit

ToDo & Ideas edit

  • [Hammurabi] - Manage land, wheat and people in ancient sumeria.
  • [Jumping jack] - Hampelmann
  • Logikus / [Logikus2] - Simulate the toycomputer Logikus
  • [MazeAlyzer] / [MazeMetrics] - Analyze a maze, calculate metrics (number of forks, deadends, length of paths etc.)
  • [GraphAlyzer] - Analyze a picture, e.g. a chart, and get the data
  • [SokoLawn] - Sokoban-like game of mow-your-lawn (like Kosilka / KolibriOS)
  • [Wumpus] - Hunt-the-Wumpus, now with smart map
  • [AdventureMap] - Mapping assistent, e.g. for adventure-games
  • [Advent Calendar] - Countdown to XMas

  • [AdMinder] - Do you mind ads ? Small database to keep track of annoying ads.
  • [Generic simple database] - Database for "common usecases", e.g. addresses, inventory, notes/dates/events, etc.
  • [MiniCalc] - like MINISS - Mini Spread Sheet/TinyExcel, but based on Table

  • [BrainJogger] - Series of games / exercises to stay fit, improve concentration, memory, math, etc.
  • [Dice-Calc] - Calculate sum of a number of colored dice, where some colors count double or triple
  • [Memory-Tape] - Remember the order of objects/pictures
  • [Pathfinder-Memory] - Memorize a shown path, and then follow it
  • [Symbol-Matcher] - Find and mark all matching symbols
  • [Task-Planner] / Sequencer - Reorder tasks / check for correct sequence of tasks
  • [Wang-Mosaik] / [Wang-Puzzle] - Rearrange/rotate mosaic-tiles Wang-tiles so that neighboring colors match

  • [Partition-Planner] - Plan layout of partitions on harddisk
  • [Activity-Planner] / [Time-Planner] - GUI to plan/visualize time needed for a sequence of activities, using interval arithmetic.
  • [Busy-Apps] - Marginally useful apps ("Someone" is coming - quick, look busy :)
  • [Chart-Workshop] - Enter data, and compare it when presented as barchart / linechart / piechart.
  • [Convert-Shop] - Collection of conversions, with GUI (C/F, m/ft, mi/km, $/€, deg/rad, etc.)
  • [Date-Shop] - Date-calculations, with GUI (see also: Date Calculations)
  • [Date-O-File] - Get time and date of files, and do operations on them
  • [Cellphone-Simulator] / [HandySim] - an interactive manual

  • [UnShuffle] / [ReverseShuffle] / [PancakeShuffle] - small game where you have to sort a sequence of numbers.
  • [Icon-Lib] - Library of icons & pictures, for use in tcl-games, e.g. from Memory 2
  • [Sound-Lib] - Library of sound-effects, for use in tcl-games
  • [Wav-Shop] / [Wav-Jukebox] - play different sound-snippets from a wav-file that has several sounds in it.


[mavoe] - 2014-09-28 20:44:38

Sehr geehrter Herr Gurt,

1. haben Sie (wie ich) am Fachbereich Informatik der Fachhochschule Darmstadt (FBI) studiert und dort 1983 Ihr Diplom gemacht? Wenn ja, denn geben Sie mir bitte einen Kontakt zu Ihnen außerhalb dieser Kommentarseite. Meine Kontakt-Daten stehen im Fuß dieses "Kommentars". Ich möchte Sie zu einem möglichen FBI-Ehemaligentreffen einladen. Am 20.09.2014 fand ein Treffen des Abschluss-Jahrgangs 1984 (30-jähriges-Diplom-Jubiläum) statt, an dem auch einige Ehemalige unseres Jahrgangs teil nahmen. Dort entstand die Idee zu einem weiteren Treffen. Auf dem Treffen gestern vor einer Woche hatten ich und die Anderen viel Spaß an den Fotos, die Sie vor 36 - 31 Jahren aufgenommen haben.

2. Auf


verstehe ich "Save this wiki-page to a textfile". Fehlt dort ein Link z.B. auf dem Wort "this"?

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Martin L. Völker

Dipl.-Inf. (FH)


mavoe Informatik

Höllstraße 17/2, 78315 Radolfzell

Tel.: 07732-938817

Fax: 07732-938819

eMail: [email protected]

PYK 2015-05-20: Hi, I'm curious about the < <br> > markup in your recent edits. Is it because you wish every sentence of the paragraph to be on a new line? In my opinion, almost anything worth an explicit < <br> > is better-served by a new paragraph instead.

HJG Essentially, it is a new paragraph - but without empty lines as separators.