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I've been programming in tcl/tk since 1993. I have several tcl/tk projects in the public domain which I'm maintaining, some more actively than others.

Tcl/tk is my language of choice for throwing together short, fun little graphical programs. I seem to have a ton of these lying around, and I'm slowly digging them out, converting them from whatever prehistoric version of TK they were originally written in, and posting them here. I hope you like them.


Hey Keith, thanks for sockspy. I used the starkit and for the very first time I could understand its use and see how cool it was in Windows. Thanks for all the hard work! --Ro

Been submitting your whizzlets to sdarchive and adding screen dumps, last one is the delightful "Juggler" - I hope that's ok with you... -jcw

LV Thank you so much for all your program contributions. It is developers like you which make Tcl such a fun community.

MG Hey Keith, just wanted to add my thanks for all the code you've added to the Wiki. I've used several of them in the last few days and saved a lot of time (and have ended up with better looking widgets than I'd have likely made on my own), so thanks :)